My recipe book

I have an old marble notebook that I write all my favorite recipes in. Over the years, it's gotten pretty beat up but I love it to pieces.

This is all that's left of my grandmother's sugar cookie recipe.

Bagel recipe? Gone.

Another family recipe? Half gone.

Not sure what this recipe was for!

How does this happen, you say??

11+ years of this. Little hands helping, sprinkling, spilling and smooshing ingredients on the pages.

I love chubby toddler hands.

"what's the problem? I'm making cookies!"

Now you know why I love it so much. Lots of memories and lots of little handprints.

Lastly,here's the only photo of the girls at their concert. The older two weren't ready yet so I missed them.


  1. Lauren and Addie are growing up too too fast. Just beautiful!!!


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