The best of 2012

I just can't think back far enough to come up with a long list of the best ______ of 2012. This is all I've got:

The best house (almost done and to be occupied by the end of
January 2013)

The best, funniest, hardest working, most challenging, pushing-me-to-be-more-like-Jesus kids ever --

And to end the year, we are having friends over to watch football all day Sunday. I should be baking up something delicious right now to serve while our guests (who have also been a huge help with the house over the last months) are here. What do I want to do?

Play my kids' video games.

Help me.

Happy New Year!


  1. I think this list is plenty - you picked some of the most important things for your best of list :) Your house looks nice - bet you can't wait to be in it. BTW - homemade chocolate candy? Is it easy? Email me the recipe if it is :) Happy new year!


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