On June 4, 2010 we sold our nice home in a beautiful village holding tightly to what we believed was the direction of the Lord. We had visions of a spacious ranch home, tucked back in the woods but also in a neighborhood of good friends. Room for our kids to play, our dog to run, some farm animals, a garden, room to entertain outside and in.

And this past weekend - January 26, 2013 - we moved into that dream home.

The weeks, months, years of work seemed to stretch on and on but now that we are here it somehow feels like we've always been here. We just fit.

Not everything is done. Some tools and extra plumbing parts still need to be returned. Unneeded furniture is listed on Craig's List. Shelves still need to be built in the master bedroom closet, laundry room and pantry. There is nothing on the walls or area rugs on the floors.

But we are home.
And so unbelievably blessed.

(prior to appliances being installed)

(More pictures once we are a bit more settled)


  1. Can I get a big, Woop, woop!

    SOOOO happy for you guys! Hope you enjoy this period of settling in and see you sometime soon!

  2. Congratulations, it looks beautiful! I LOVE the girls' sink, perfect.

    Happy settling in, I look forward to more pictures as you do.

  3. How very thrilling! It looks amazing!~

  4. Woohoo! You're in...I'll need a new address please :) It looks georgeous!! Can't wait to see more pics :)


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