status updates:

- has lost all ability to create a chore chart and cleaning schedule.  This is frustrating.
- cannot choose area rugs to save her life.
- LOVES her new kitchen, complete with new dishes, glasses and cookware (a housewarming gift from her love-to-spoil-people parents!).

- is thoroughly enjoying his first Saturday with nothing pressing to do since probably July.  That's a long time.
- has built the most perfect house for his family.
- likes cutting trees with his new chainsaw (his housewarming gift!).

- has the most complete and organized room in the house.  Does this surprise her mother? um. no.
- loves having her own room.
- babysat for someone else for the first time a few weeks ago.  It was during the day and just up the road from her mother, who may have been walking around with the phone in her hand in case something happened.  But it's a definite step towards young-adult. sigh.

- has the coolest bed in the neighborhood - a custom built by Papa (of the likes-to-spoil-people fame) log loft bed with wraparound stairs.
- also loves having her own room.
- wants her mom to make her a pink camo quilt.

Lauren & Addie:
- have 40 polka dots scattered around their walls.
- both really enjoy having an organized toy box, rather than toys in the closet.
- now have the girls' television in their bedroom.  They love laying in their beds to watch tv and it really helps during school time.


  1. I heard about the polka dots yesterday morning. SO FUN!


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