The zebra

Have you ever watched one of those National Geographic shows about how animals hunt? Usually there is a sequence about lions hunting a zebra.The lions will wait, watch and then pounce on the one zebra that has wandered away from the herd. It's alone, defenseless and it's days are numbered.

That is what the enemy does to us.

When we are feeling weak, isolated and discouraged its the perfect moment for the enemy to sweep in and whisper his lies. And that moment when we begin to believe his lies is when he can destroy us.

You aren't good enough.
You aren't smart enough.
The others know how to easily do what you struggle with

And when you are in that place of feeling week and discouraged its so, so easy to believe his lies. I've been there. I know just how it feels. The only way - the. only. way. - to fight against the enemy and his lies is by calling on the Lord for help.

Recite Scripture.
Call a friend and ask for prayer.
Write a list of things you're thankful for.

Today I'm having some fellow moms over for lunch and a quick book discussion. I doubt we will get very deep into spiritual things, simply because there will be kids running around. But we will be together, we will pray for each other and my prayer is that no one goes away from here feeling isolated. I don't want to leave any zebras out there alone.