Apologia Science

Have you ever found that one curriculum that you know you'll use year after year, until you've exhausted their offerings?

That's me with Apologia Science. I love it.

It's easy to use, it clearly explains difficult scientific ideas and the experiments are done with basic household items.

This is our second year using Apologia and I have no plans of stopping any time soon. We completed Botany last year and moved into Astronomy this school year. In order to make it as easy on me as possible (since we were building a house from Sept-January), I purchased the notebooking journals for around $24 each,

(I ordered the junior version for my 4th grader. She doesn't enjoy writing but loves coloring. It's been a good fit for her.)

(My sixth grader has enjoyed the regular note booking journal. It's a great balance of 'fun' stuff like crossword puzzles or mini books and 'school' stuff like note taking and vocabulary words.)

as well as the textbook for $39.

Probably my favorite thing about Apologia is that it's easy to use. I'm not a very science-y person. But Apologia makes it so easy to enjoy teaching science lessons. The textbook is easy to read. The lesson plans are clear and relate perfectly to the corresponding pages in the notebooking journals. It really is foolproof for a busy mom.

I don't remember a lot from my high school or college science classes. They were never my favorite. It was a point of some stress, thinking of how I would teach science to my kids.Apologia makes it clear and easy to understand difficult science terms or ideas. Envy thing is well-written and explained in words that even I can understand.

And really, the best part of science is the experiments right? Apologia experiments are easy to do, they use basic household items and they really reinforce the ideas being taught. How much better is science when you can explode a green lava spewing volcano in your kitchen?!

Now don't misunderstand me. We don't do every experiment. We don't do every page in the notebooking journals. There are a lot of activities in each chapter. But the beauty of homeschooling is choosing what will reinforce lessons for each child, based on their learning style. The notebooking journals contain enough pages for each unit that I can pick and choose what each kid does, without feeling like they have to do the same thing.

One thing we skipped in both journals?

The Mooning Charts.

Does anyone get their kid through that lesson?! My kids were hysterically laughing for hours. Oh my, it was bad.