My Chickies & more

We are raising 20 Cornish Rock chickens. I call them my chickies.  They started out as cute little fluff balls that would let you pick them up.

Taken April 29
After a week, they started to get their wing feathers and diving into their food like ravenous beasts.

Taken May 7

 Now, they've entered the awkward teen phase of chickie growth. Half baby feathers, half adult feathers.  We've all been there, right?  They still dive into their food like beasts. They also run back and forth and back and forth over and over again.

Taken May 14

I'm really enjoying the process of raising our own chickens. They're crazy little birds. We plan on learning to slaughter them and as strange as it sounds, I'm looking forward to that also.  I like seeing a process from start to finish. 


I'm a new member of the Mosaic Reviews team and just got my first assignment.  We will be reviewing one of the memory games from Classical Historian.  I'm not sure the girls will be all that thrilled to be doing "school" after we are done with school but maybe they won't notice that it's school.  The games look pretty fun! My review will be up at the end of June. 

It's definitely spring around here.  My girls are just dying to be done with school and get outside.  Not that I can blame them, because I'm not far behind.  It's been a long year for us, with building a house and moving at the beginning of the second semester.  We are all a bit worn out. I definitely feel less harried than I did in, say November, when we were a couple of months behind schedule with building, the girls were needing structure that I couldn't provide and we were not celebrating the holidays in our new home.  This book really helped me get through that weary, exhausting time.  Now the Hope ladies have started a blog, bringing daily posts of encouragement to moms everywhere.  They're a great group. I may be linking up to their Thursday posts every now and again.  Be ready for some hope, mommas!  God has more for us than defeat and condemnation!