- For anyone who is interested, I am onto bottle number two of my homemade laundry detergent. I think there is still enough in my five gallon bucket for at least two more bottles. Overall, I love it. I find our clothes are bight, clean and smell great.

- My chickies have been moved out to their chicken coop. It's a very cute coop, built by my hubby in a lovely spot in our back woods. So far, they love it. We are hoping to get their yard built this weekend so they can go outside. From what I've read, Cornish Rocks aren't very active birds but ours love to run around their coop and scratch at their pine shavings. I hope they like their yard also.

- We are done with school for the summer. Some years you know school is done when you reach the end of the book. Some years, you know school is done when you're just done. I was done. Every book wasn't completely finished and every skill wasn't mastered. But I was happy with what we completed and I was thrilled with the girls' standardized test scores. Plans for the upcoming school year are constantly swirling around my head. I think I have most things decided. Maybe. Haha.

- Lael will be 12 in a couple of weeks. That means our last year as a "young" family. We will have a teenager and then life really takes off. She will be in seventh grade this fall. We are already talking over her ideas for after high school and gearing her curriculum to suite those ideas. It's a bit crazy to think about. The other girls are just loving summer break...time with friends, days spent outside, relaxed bedtimes. Ahhhh....summer.

- My parents spent Memorial Day weekend with us and we took a day trip to do some shopping. My mom spoiled me rotten, with new summer clothes and shoes. It's been a long time since I did a serious amount of shopping and it was so fun! I was a bit skeptical that shopping with four children and two husbands along could really work but it did. And my dad brought a four wheeler for the girls. This happens now. Every day.

- We have a few short trips planned for this summer. Nothing far, but nicely spaced out through the summer. Besides that, I hope to be spending time at our local beach or the neighbor's pool. Helping friends with their vegetable gardens. Finishing some sewing projects. Mainly just relaxing. I think we all need it.


  1. Relaxing....um, yes. Sounds delightful. Looking forward to seeing your chicks! Can Lael seriously be 12...oh my. When did our kids decide to grow leaps and bounds. Eathon is almost looking me in the eye!


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