My day began with this web search:

How to get a dog to stop rolling in poop.

I am totally serious. Monday is now rolling on with the unending wait for the appliance repair man. You know, my appliances that have been used for less than six months? Yeah. One already broke. I'm not super impressed but at least there's a warranty, right?

And the excavating company that said they would come with my dirt and driveway gravel still hasn't come. Promises made with a handshake and a nod in the driveway don't hold much weight when the contractor is cutting you a deal. No warranty there.

And the stray cat that we adopted, built a dry, clean house for outside and feed twice a day still has her cute babies hidden under the old fence at the back of the yard. She's an outdoor cat. No warranty that she will do what we want. I'm pretty sure all animals are this way, as our indoor (very spoiled) dog is still rolling in poop.

And my littlest child still refuses to potty train. She just doesn't want to. Even though all her older sisters we out of diapers by her age, they didn't hand out potty-training warranties at the hospital on the day she was born.

There are few warranties for real life. We can't buy a warranty for happiness or success like we can buy a warranty for an appliance. "If your heart breaks, then we will deliver chocolate, a hug and a comforting shoulder to cry on." Why doesn't anyone sell that warranty?! There are few guarantees for every day happenings. No one has ever said that they know exactly how to handle every storm life will throw in their path. When life disappoints or confuses me, I know how to properly handle each and every situation. Well, they may say that but I don't know that I'd trust in that promise. There is one promise, one guarantee that I trust in.

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. (I John 1:9)

When we do make a mess of life or handle a situation with less than a stellar amount of grace, God is faithful to forgive us. He will always hear us, He will always help us, He will always want us.

And that is my comfort on a Monday morning.


  1. Thank you for writing this! Read it yesterday and it was a 'Thank you Sweet Jesus' moment. Really, really needed the reminder....


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