{Review} The Classical Historian

The Classical Historian is a family owned company that provides several different products for homeschool families.  There are online classes, textbooks and several different games. The memory game comes in Medieval, Ancient as well as American History.  There is also a Go Fish style game. They sell on their website for between $11.95 and $14.95.

I received a copy of The Classical Historian Medieval Memory Game. In it, there are 64 cards as well as directions for two types of play. You can do the traditional memory game - each player takes turns flipping over two cards, looking for a matching pair. There is also a categories game. Each player is timed on how quickly they can place each card into one of four categories - Europe, The Americas, The Far East, Arabia. 

Set up is quite easy. We popped the cards out of their brackets and lined them up to play. Our choice was to do the traditional memory game, as we haven't covered much Medieval history in our homeschool yet.

It was slow going at first. But as we turned over more cards and started reading the vocabulary words, names of famous art pieces or historic locations my daughters really picked up the pace! The vocabulary words were quickly explained. The art pieces were introduced. The historical locations were examined. I was so surprised at how quickly they picked up the new topics. Lauren - six years old - even jumped into the game, grabbing a pair of matching cards while she was watching.

There was definitely learning happening on this muggy summer morning.  The girls and I had so much fun playing this. I'm sure it will come in handy when we do Medieval history next fall. I would highly recommend these games for homeschool families with students that need some extra reinforcement on history topics.  The speed at which my children picked up the new vocabulary words was amazing. I can imagine that if they were already familiar with some of the words, it would be excellent (and fun!) review.


  1. I always love adding games into our homeschool. It's such a great way to cement their learning.


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