Summer school

I had plans for summer.
Reading plans outlined. Math review scheduled. Chore chart refreshed.
It was going to be a productive summer with continuous learning.

And then we had a three day heat wave. Temps reached into the 90's and humidity was sky high. We did basic chores and then swam at our neighbor's pool. The girls had friends over and we sat outside until the house cooled off at night. No school happened. None.

And you know what? By the end of those three days, I remembered what my summers were like as a child. We played outside all. day. long. We swam. We rode our bikes. We sat on the front stoop and drank Koolaid (orange was my favorite). We went to the beach and came home too exhausted to complain about early bedtimes. We got dirty. We didn't wear sunblock every day. We didn't have antibacterial wipes to clean our hands before lunch. We were just kids. And we loved it.

It was the break we needed and when it was over, we were ready to go back to school.

Why shouldn't by girls also get that break to just be kids?
Why shouldn't I get that break to just be mom? Not teacher. Not lesson plan creator.

Just mom. Keeper of the swim floaties and the iced tea. Time for me to recharge also. Time to read a book that I want to read. Time to have friends over and relax with my hubby.

So I'm throwing my well laid summer plans out the window. My girls will still have chores to do every day. There will be occasional trips to the library to keep books around them for the inevitable rainy day. There will be no math. No review. No summer school.

There will be fun. Dirt. Bike rides. Swimming. A few short trips. Maybe some sleepovers. Camping. S'mores.

Just summer.
I think we are going to love it.

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  1. Awesome. Now I'm just feeling very jealous of your girls. :-)


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