The Trap

It was a rough Sunday. My hubby had pulled a muscle in his back and was unable to come to church with us. The usual clothing arguments had been manageable but still produced a few more gray hairs, I'm sure. We got to church on time, that was good.

Then worship started.
This apparently signals some animal-like instinct in my two year old. She turned into a wild screeching monkey before we got to the second song.

I picked her up.
I let her stand.
My older girls tried.

Nothing worked. Little miss Addie Jane was determined to be wild.
It added to the weariness, you can be sure about that.

What kind of mother can't keep her child quiet for a few worship songs? What is wrong with me?! Look over there, her children are quiet. They're even raising their hands and worshipping right along side their mom. I'm such a failure.

Is this what God says about us, moms? Is it what He says, even about the moms with monkey-like children during church?


The fastest way to pave a path for the Enemy is to compare yourself to others. The easiest way to discount the value that God puts on your tired, melted-crayons-on-the-car-floor life is to compare yourself to others.

Never believe the lies that the path God has given to someone else would be a better path for you. Their battles may not look like a monkey-child hanging from your hair during worship but don't doubt that there are battles in those seemingly perfect lives.

Pause, look around, thank God for the messes, the dirty children and the cereal for dinner because every single one is evidence of God's blessing in your life. Battle the weariness and exhaustion with finding just one thing to be thankful for. Battle the temptation to compare yourself to others by thanking God for one beautiful thing in your day.

Rejoice in the Lord, you righteous, And give thanks at the remembrance of His holy name. (Psalms 97:12)

{I'm writing again today with the moms over here. Join us for some beautiful encouragement in our calling as mothers.}