It all started almost 15 ago, when he walked into my dorm room to get some information about helping with the Christian group on campus. He and his friend Ryan stayed for awhile, chatting with my roommate and me. I knew by the time they left that I was going to marry Josh Card.

Fast forward about 18 months. I got a phone call asking if I could go out for coffee and a talk. A talk we had indeed. We were then courting. Our pastor had already been asked for advice. Parents were being included. Marriage was the goal.

Two months later, I got in Josh's car thinking he was driving me home and instead was brought to see the movie theater marquee. My love got down on his knee to propose on a slushy sidewalk on February 22, 2000.

Five months later. July 15, 2000.

13 years: 4 daughters, 6 houses, 2 dogs, 6 cats, 20 chickens. Several vehicles, family vacations and parties.

The next 13 years? Only God knows!
Happy anniversary, my love!


  1. Happy anniversary Josh and Jackie! Many, many more be yours, with all joy!


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