If you're friends with me on Facebook, you know I call our chickens my fatties. Well, life for my fatties is slowly drawing to a close.

I could go all hippie on you and tell you how happy I am that my fatties have had a happy life doing what chickens are supposed to do. Or about how I feel like raising happy, healthy chickens that are still running around and trying to fly feels like some small way to honor God and His creation. But instead, I will say this -

By Saturday evening, if all goes according to plan we will have a freezer very, very full of humanely raised, hormone free chicken. Even though we had some startup costs, there is no more frugal way to supply good food for our family. It's not for everyone, but we are so thankful that we can do this.

And with that frugal thought, I'd also like to introduce my newest venture.

I will be writing a monthly column for Homeschool Mosaics on frugal living. Join me over here for the first installment!


  1. I give you alot of credit. I hate feeding my kids chicken from the super market and have gone as far as spending almost $10/pound on hormone free organically fed chicken at whole foods for the baby.......but I know I could never take that bird that is running around in my yard and get it ready to eat. I had a conversation with Kelin not long ago while discussing the fact that you were raising chickens that if I ever had to hunt my own food I would end up being a veterinarian....which would most likely equal starvation on my end as I hate vegetables!

  2. My parents used to raise chickens for eggs and meat. I have one bit of advice - don't let go of the chicken when its time has come...ever heard the saying about running around like a chicken...? They are not joking.

    I'm so envious that you're able to do this! I really miss the "farm" life of my childhood.


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