Blog News and More Gifts

-- I am so blessed to have been chosen to be on the Launch Team for a new book by one of my favorite author/bloggers. Stacey Thacker gives a little insight here on what she is hoping to accomplish during the first 48 hours her book is available. Check it out here and help Freeset Global. And get ready to read the book. Seriously, it's great. I can't wait to share more details of it with you all.
-- Alyssa and I have been working on another review for you all. It's for a fantastic reading program so if that sounds like something you could benefit from... check back soon!

And I'm trying to get back on track with my 1,000 Gifts. It's been a long time. Again. But here are some gifts I listed on my Twitter and a few from today....
649. a yard full of muddy kids playing kickball
650.the chainsaw making space
651. celebrating Lauren with lots of chocolate & giggles
652. homemade waffles upon hub's request
653. recycling Easter grass
654. funny weather with patches of sunshine
655. my girls & their friends
656. weekend chores that still make me stand in the yard just to look around
657. oatmeal cooked on the stove
658. stools at the island
659. research reports that everyone is enjoying
660. watching & learning about wildlife around us
661. resized & shined wedding rings
662.  A fun time subbing for a CFA writing class
663. trees that fall away from the house
664. dinner grilled just before the rain started
665. The conviction of God is so freeing.It's not just a 'no.'It's a 'yes, go this way' from The Creator of the Universe.
666. when the tree did fall on the house, it didn't do any damage
667. great opportunities
668. learning what God wants for this little spot on the web
669. when everyone else is gawking about what a misguided girl did on national tv, my girls are singing "we're going vertical, praying for miracles, wanna see Heaven here on earth!" Thank you, 1 Girl Nation.