{Review} MEGA Brands America: Leapfrog

As much as we all would like to think that summer will last forever, it's time to start thinking about school and school supplies. I've been making lists for a week or so now. One thing I really find to be helpful in our homeschool is to start review in mid-August. Not a full school day, but just enough to get all the wheels turning again. I am happy to be a part of Mosaic Reviews for many reasons, but this might be my favorite one so far.

We are reviewing some new products by MEGA Brands America that will look very familiar to most of you. Leapfrog has partnered with MEGA Brands America to release a fantastic line of paper based learning products. Our family has used Leapfrog's electronic products for years now, but I am really in love with these paper based educational products.

They are sold at most major retailers like Target, Walmart, JoAnn's, Toys 'R' Us and Costco. These great items are super affordable and range in price from $.99 - $24.99. When you go to find these products (and you should!) check the stationary isle rather than school supplies. Some stores may have them with back to school displays but many keep these gems in the isles with writing supplies and such.

So now you want to know all about what products we reviewed, right?! I received products aimed at my six year old that is going into first grade.

Lauren was just a little excited to get a box that was ALL for her!

In our box was: a Success Charts book, a dry erase Printing practice book, Addition flash cards, Ready For 1st Grade Math workbook and Numbers practice dry erase book with marker.

First, the addition flash cards. Lauren liked that the flash cards came with mini cards also. They allow her to make her own equations, as well as flipping the cards over to use the counting dots if necessary.

The Ready For 1st Grade Math workbook is great, with just enough work on each page to review important topics without being overwhelming. Lauren said she liked it because it looked summery (there's a flower on one of the first pages) and not so long that she can't finish it before she starts her 'real' schoolwork.

The success chart book might be my favorite. It has pages and pages of easy-to-fill-in charts, stickers and certificates for when your student completes a job well done. I'm planning on using this with Lauren, to work some new chores into her remaining summer days. Honestly, I'm also thinking it will be perfect for helping my two year old finish up with potty training before we start school as well. It's super versatile and would work for so many different things.

The two dry erase products are Lauren's favorite. She loved that there is a little eraser right on the back of the marker. I love that they're fun products Lauren will enjoy using while helping her review numbers and penmanship.

As you can see, Lauren loves it all. MEGA Brands America has a great line of products for any family. These are definitely not just for homeschoolers! I plan on checking out some of the preschool products for my two year old, as there are chalkboards and dry erase boards, flash cards, workbooks and more for preschool through grade three.

I would recommend that any family that wants to do some review or work on school skills check out these MEGA Brands America products.

UPDATE: The first thing Lauren grabbed when she got up this morning was her math dry erase board! Here she is, still snuggled up on the couch with it.