{Review} edupad iTooch apps

I was asked to take a look at some great educational apps for the Mosaic Reviews team. Edupad is a company based in France that is grabbing hold of the changing way people are using technology in education. Edupad has several apps in iOS, Windows and now Android formats.

The Edupad iTooch apps cover math, language arts, and science for grades 3-8. There are also apps for SAT prep as well as a French app.  For the purpose of reviewing these apps, I downloaded the free versions of the iTooch Elementary app and the iTooch Middle School app.

Within the iTooch Elementary app, each grade and subject are sold seperately for $4.99 (for example, the Language Arts, 5th grade is $4.99, the 5th grade math is also $4.99). The really nice part of this app is that you can download a sample of each subject, giving you a few exercises to try out before you purchase the whole subject. We chose to try the 5th grade Language Arts pack. Topics covered include: Grammar, Verbs and Vocabulary and Spelling. There is a practice mode and a test mode for each subject.  Any time your student needs review, they can click on the little orange character in the bottom corner. A new page slides across the screen, full of excellent review materials.

This is all included in the FREE version!

The orange character carrying the books will slide out a review screen if you tap on him

Test Mode, with a timer
 In the iTooch Middle School app, each grade and subject are also sold separately for $4.99, with the same structure as the Elementary app. The subjects available are Language Arts, Math, Science as well as 7th-8th grade music. The structure of the app is just like the elementary version. We chose to try the 7th Grade Math. Topics that are included are Numbers and Operations, Algebraic Structures, Statistics, Functions and Geometry.  All the same features - practice mode, review mode, the sliding review screen - are all present in this app.

A great variety is available in the free version.

Practice Mode

I think these apps would be a great tool for extra practice for students in the homeschool or public school environments. I really like that a parent or teacher could choose to only download the specific subject and grade their child needs. I also like the fun graphics and the overall layout of this app. It's very easy to use and navigate. It's great that these apps are available for iOS, Android or Windows 8 which makes them even more accessible. They are affordable and definitely worth the time for a parent/teacher to research what topics would benefit their student.

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