Addie Turns Three!

Today is Addie's birthday. As the youngest in the house, she's a bit spoiled.

Her cute little face definitely helps her out in the "spoil me" department.

We only do big birthday parties for certain ages. It's just too overwhelming (and expensive!) to think about doing four birthday parties a year! On non-party years, the girls get to choose what they want for dinner as well as inviting a friend over. Addie didn't get to invite a friend over this year, mainly due to my lack of planning. But her sisters made sure that Addie had a special day.

A card made by 6 year old Lauren
Cards, homemade gifts - playdoh, finger paints and bubbles - along with decorations & hats for "wonderful Addie" completed the little party.

Butterfly centerpieces, heart 'scatters' and party hats.
How cute are these girls?! I love how much they love each other.

And did Addie enjoy her birthday? What little princess wouldn't enjoy their very first real princess dress??