{Review} A Light For My Path

We are huge Apologia fans around here. Their science curriculum is a central part of our homeschool and through Mosaic Reviews, we have discovered some of the other resources Apologia has to offer. We really enjoyed reading this book over the summer and now we have another one for the favorite list.

A Light For My Path, written by Davis Carmen and illustrated by Alice Ratterree, is a children's book based on Psalm 119. {It is available here for $14.} Mr. Carmen wrote this book with four purposes in mind:

1) To be read with your child
2) To teach the English alphabet
3) To develop a respect for God's Word in your child
4) To teach the Hebrew alphabet

There are two information-packed pages at the beginning of the book listing these purposes and giving some ideas on how to use the book in these ways.  The one purpose that struck me as so unique and so very needed is the third one. To develop a respect for God's Word in your child. A love, a reverence, a desire for God's Word.

In this day and age, we don't hear a lot of young people talking about how much they love or enjoy rules. 'YOLO! You only live once. Do what feels good!' or 'Rules were made to be broken!' is more what society expects and allows from young people. Long gone is a society that expects respect, hard work and responsibility before the age of 20... or 30.

But we as Christian parents want our children to stand out like a city on a hill in this society of reckless living. We don't want to make excuses for how society influences poor decisions, we want to see our children understand that God has something so much better for them before the poor decisions even seem like a good idea.

I think the only way to instill that understanding is to encourage a  love of God's Word  at a young age. Through this book, many of the attributes of God's Word are listed. They each coordinate with a letter of the alphabet as well as an animal (keeping the youngest of readers interested!). God's Word is Absolute. God's Word is Kind. God's Word is Quieting. God's Word is Valuable. Yes. This is what our children need to hear. Not just manners. Not 'what goes around comes around'. They need to hear, learn and love the Word of God so that as the world gets darker they will have the strength to stand and shine.

At the end of the book, Psalm 119 is printed in its entirely with the Hebrew alphabet at the top of each page. What a great resource, even for older children, to learn from! While they can meditate on some of the beautiful, life-filled words they can also learn something so new and different!

This book is already dogeared and loved in our house. The illustrations are beautiful. The thought and creativity that went into finding and attribute of God as well as an animal for each letter of the alphabet is amazing! It is so much more than just a picture book. This is a keeper, readers. Seriously, put this on your Christmas lists. Buy it for your friends. This book communicates so much on the perfect understanding level for young readers. You will not be sorry.