Saturday's Agenda:

1) Prepare tomorrow's lunch. Cooking for Sunday on Saturday has become one of my favorite things to do. It makes my Sundays very relaxing. That's probably why God told us to take a Sabbath, huh?  I run out of good football food ideas every few weeks but Pioneer Woman made this on her show last week. So I'm making it.  It looks yummy, don't you think?

PW's photo, not mine.
2) Turn a bushel of apples into applesauce. I love preserving fresh produce for us to enjoy all winter long. No mealy, store-bought-in-January apples for this girl. I'd rather crack open a can of applesauce knowing my girls are getting fresh, local food. We don't make the best choices all the time but this one is really important to me. By the end of the day, I hope to have several jars that look like this:

PYO's photo.
3) Make homemade rolls to go along with Number 1. I'm going to try to snap some photos and blog the recipe I use next week. It makes the best sandwich rolls ever. At least we think so.

4) Make cinnamon swirl bread. I'm trying this recipe. Cinnamon swirl bread is usually reserved for Easter breakfast but I'm breaking the rules. Everyone loves it and I love trying new recipes.

And if I'm still standing...

5) Our church Member's Dinner. It's a special time of fellowship and vision casting that I look forward to every fall. And it counts as a date night in my book. 

So I'd better get moving! Number 1 is already in the crock pot and the jars are in the dishwasher for Number 2. What's on your agenda for today?