When I have a headache

Things tend to bunch together in short, easily communicated groups.

Chore direction - No dirty socks on the floor and a clean kitchen counter. If there are dishes in the sink, at least pile them neatly in hopes that I won't be able to see them from my chair.

My daughters - yes, I love your friends but my head is currently splitting open and spilling all over the floor. You can't see it? Well, that's what it feels like. Go outside, please and thank you.

Bible reading - Proverbs 9. Wisdom. So many of our little problems would cease to be problems if we would just pause for a moment and seek real wisdom. Wisdom from the Lord, not wisdom from friends, Facebook or Pinterest. Don't get me wrong, I love social media - because how did stay at home in the middle of the boonies moms survive without social media?! - but that should not be the source of our wisdom. Speaking of social media...

Instagram - I don't think I'm self centered enough to use Instagram properly.Because really, why would anyone want to look at a 35 year old woman making weird faces at the camera every day? And I'm a bit worried about this generation that feels like they need "likes" and virtual hearts to make them think they are cool or popular or pretty or enough. Do you belong to Jesus, young lady that is trying to push her young lady parts into some seductive pose hoping to attract attention? He is enough. No number of likes is going to make you feel whole. Just love Jesus.

Food - ahh yes, the never ending battle. The only thing about food I'm going to say today is that I love tossing a chicken - one of our own fatties - into the crockpot before breakfast, knowing it will be a perfect dinner 10 hours later. I miss having chickens.

Our house - one year ago, we were probably working on siding or insulation. Crazy that it is only a year ago. It just feels like we've always been here. Now I'm looking ahead to our first holiday season here, hosting parties, picking out the perfect Christmas tree... A whole new set of firsts. Can. Not. Wait.

And those are all the things swirling around in my sore head right now. How about you?