The Camo Spa

What do you do for a birthday party when you've got a daughter that loves nail polish, all things camo, shooting her bb gun and anything to do with Duck Dynasty?

You have a Camo Spa. Custom decorations (designed by Fox And Paper) with her own Duck Commander style logo, a mini nail salon, a shooting range and lots of giggles. Everything our Alyssa loves!

These girls were serious about their bb guns!

Some lunch - all safe for our food allergy girl... homemade chicken tenders, French fries and gravy.

Camo cupcakes ...

Pink and camo everywhere! The "Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Alyssa" banner completed the decor.

Her friends blessed her with beautiful, thoughtful gifts and kind words during lunch.

We sure do love this unique, kindhearted, compassionate girl. It was so much fun to have a day to celebrate everything she likes.

Fox And Paper