When I started this blog, it was the best way to get a few thoughts of out of my head while keeping in touch with family and friends. Now with a plethora of social media options, not to mention texting - my dad even sends texts now, people - a blog isn't so much about keeping in touch any more.

It needs a purpose. Without vision, people - and blogs - perish. And if I spend time writing, editing and posting my thoughts I want to know that they are going somewhere, to someone that will be blessed by them. It takes much less time for me to scribble out thoughts in a journal. When you're homeschooling, you learn that time is precious. So if I'm going to use my time to do this, it needs to have a purpose and an audience.

I love writing reviews - and have a few great products I'll be sharing with you soon - but what else should be on this page?

I don't know any more. It seems the web is saturated with homeschool blogs, mom blogs, allergy blogs, Christian mom blogs -- so where do I fit?  I'm not really sure right now. So things might be quiet here for awhile, besides product reviews. I know that my time here will be more productive and the posts more engaging if I have a vision for what should be here.

{And if you have any ideas about what you like to read here on redeemed, leave a little note for me, perhaps? thanks}


  1. I hope you continue to write. I do read your blog and enjoy it. My favorite thing to read about in any blog is how Jesus changes, sanctifies, works/moves or reveals something to an individual. I don't really have time for much out there in the form of blogs and I don't read many, at all, nor do I really care 'as much' for all the other stuff. I think the most beautiful thing about a person is their own love for Jesus and how His love changes them on a daily basis, whatever season they are in. It only makes me (the reader) love Him more too. How can you EVER go wrong with that!?

    I know He's called me to share things even if just for my own personal growth, 'vision catching' and sanctification process. That always keeps the flame going for me no matter what. I also know it blesses others along the way and it's been an avenue for me to shine HIS goodness. That's where I feel called to be 'faithful' with it.

    Good luck to you in your search and redefining!


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