Homeschooling in December:

~ is way harder than homeschooling in May or June or any other month on the calendar.

~ is filled with distractions like freshly fallen snow, Christmas shows on the DVR list and decorations to admire.

~ is always starting a bit later than normal, thanks to those Christmas shows.

~ means balancing parties and fun with responsibilities.

~ is loud. Our favorite Christmas music must be played at all times. The louder the better.

~ is the perfect time to set aside the normal history and do some fun unit studies on the history of Christmas traditions.

Our family, this December:

~ has filled every weekend of the month with activities.

~ spends lots of time harassing each other about gifts. Nice, I know.

~ is so excited about the month of firsts. First Christmas in this house. First time sledding with the four wheeler. First tree in this house.... the list could get quite long!

~ is very happy that the man of the house - our most favorite hubster and daddy - gets almost two weeks off at the end of the month! We are counting down the days!

Our plans for December:

~ Hosting a church event that Saturday - a baby shower for a dear friend.

~ Attending the wedding of our former babysitter and neighbor.

~ Watching every single Christmas movie and special we can record, all piled on the couch. Hallmark Channel, here we come!

~ Celebrating with extended family. 

~ Attending the Christmas Eve service at our church. Lael and I joined the choir this year. It's challenging, since we don't read music all that often, but we are enjoying it.

~ Thinking about switching my annual cookie exchange to an ornament party. One less event loaded with sweets would be nice, plus crafting with friends is always entertaining.