Five Things Friday v.2

{I really enjoyed writing this way, so I'm going to throw it up here more regularly. My goal is every Friday. That will probably mean every other Friday. Feel free to join in on the fun! You may use the graphic if you want. Leave a comment, linking to your post!}
On My Heart: Teens. Being a teen. Having a teen. I will have a teen in less than 5 months. Teaching her more than how to love Jesus by sweeping the floors with a good attitude, but teaching her how to communicate and be a good friend. Teaching her how to handle disappointment and drama and heartache and rejection - because we all know teens are good at these things. It all boils down to choices. First choice to make - Are you choosing to demonstrate your love for Jesus right now? Second choice - Are you choosing to prefer yourself or others? Third choice - Are you choosing to be a blessing? So choices are on my heart, both mind and those of my children.
On My Mind: How long can I keep the girls in their room after I mopped the floors? Sorry, I just mopped. You can't come out yet! ... We are a really blessed family. ... 18 months ago this house wasn't even here. ... When will the global warming hit Northern New York? I'm cold. ... I should start planning my gardens. The ground might thaw by, like, July. ... I have to go grocery shopping. ... My girls' rooms are SO great and I love them. ... How does my dog fall asleep sitting up? ... Who is going to put all this furniture back in place, since I did the mopping?
On My Ipod: Lady Antebellum, Kari Jobe, Christy Nockels, Natalie Grant, really I'm a horrible creature of habit when it comes to music. I play one artist over and over again until I'm sick of it, then I move on to another. So everything from last week is still there too. But the girls bought Danielle Bradbery. I kinda like her. ... And perhaps the Monopoly game one of my girls bought. It's kind of addicting.
On My DVR: Any show about Alaska, RV's or building crazy things that my husband can find, Little House On The Prairie reruns {because seriously, the episode where Charles thinks he's the heir to a fortune but it all falls apart and the townspeople buy his farm at the auction for 6 cents?! Who doesn't cry at that one??), Full House reruns, more When Calls The Heart (we are all in now and really enjoying it), Nascar shows are beginning to appear ... oh and Yo Gabba Gabba has made a reappearance on our DVR after a 5 year hiatus.
On My Schedule: the Super Bowl, a meeting for an exciting new ministry that my husband is working on for our church, a small group meeting for moms that I help organize, maybe perhaps sneaking in a family weekend away later in February, the beginning of Friday Program - the enrichment program my girls attend