Five Things Friday {the cranky version}

On My Heart - Submission. There is not a ministry entitled 'Doormats for Jesus.' That is not what submission needs to be. There is supposed to be a mutual respect and love in order for submission to work the way God intended. When a relationship becomes more about who has a tougher life, there is no respect. It's just an oh poor me contest. And I don't think that is what Jesus wants for relationships in the Church.

On My Mind - Do I really need to say it? I do. I am so sick of winter. We have been battling sickness for weeks. Cabin fever is driving us all a bit batty. There is only so much you can do when the high temperature for the week is 10 or when it's snowing like mad.  Normally, I really try to just enjoy winter knowing it will eventually come to an end. But seriously, I think we will be snowed in until July. And my kids like beatboxing when they're bored. I don't like beatboxing. This is becoming a problem.

On My iPod - I have exhausted all my music choices so we've now moved on to the girls' music. One Girl Nation and Jamie Grace have been keeping us bumping along lately. Still some Christy, Kari, Chris and Natalie to keep me sane though. I'm not a pop music kinda gal. My girls are also trying to get me to like Flappy Bird. I don't like Flappy Bird. It is the most frustrating game I've ever played.

On My DVR - Truth here too ... I'm so sick of television. I really do like When Calls The Heart though. It's just enough drama but still wholesome.

On My Schedule - dinner with new friends ...  a weekend away, hopefully to a very fun location (much needed, can you tell?) ... continuing Monday night classes at our church. The Ten Commandments class is so, so good ... more Upward basketball ... the usual.

See? I told you it was the cranky version!