{review} Zonderkidz Young Women of Faith Bible

As a part of Zonderkidz new Z Blog Squad review team, I received a copy of the Young Women of Faith Bible in exchange for an honest review.

Some of you might be thinking 'okay, it's a Bible. Aren't they pretty much all the same? What makes this Bible so different?'

Well, lots! Here are some of the great features:

- Weekly Bible studies that break down Biblical truths so young women can apply them to their lives
- Side notes that tackle difficult passages and offer some historical insight
- An integrated journal
- Memory Challenges - a selection of great verses to memorize
- And my favorite the  "If I Were There" feature. It places the reader right into a Bible character's situation, letting them really grasp what was happening.

The Young Women of Faith Bible is hardcover and is in the NIV translation. It also has a small concordance in the index to help with topical searches as well as some maps so the reader can get a visual understanding of where this all took place.

My Thoughts

It is so hard to find or do anything that will appeal to tweens and young teens. They are still figuring out what they like and they change their minds quickly! But the great thing about this Bible is that it's fun and a bit girly, with it's pink and orange color scheme, but not corny. It's substantial enough that it won't get crushed in a backpack or lost under the bed, but just small enough that it can be carried around. The little sidebar notes and stories are excellent. They address real issues young women face from peer pressure to submitting to parents, issues with school to understanding key Christian concepts like baptism and the Holy Spirit's power. The weekly studies are very well written and incorporate tons of Scripture. My almost-13 year old is really enjoying this Bible. She likes the side notes that break things down and thinks the weekly studies are easy to understand.

If you'd like to find out more about the Young Women of Faith Bible by Zonderkidz, you can find it here!


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