Five Things Friday: two in a row!

On My Heart: A few things. My words. A lot about my words, actually. Too much to fit into a Five Things Friday, so expect to be reading more about my thoughts soon.But let me tell ya... having a hormonal almost-teenager and a limit-pushing three year old is hard. And exhausting in ways that make those early years of sleepless nights seem like a cake walk. My self control. I'm revisiting these thoughts again and working through how I handle food. My daughters. My two big girls are taking their annual standardized test today and it has been quite an anxiety-inducer for one of them. I don't know how children that tend towards anxiety handle regular tests. It's so hard to watch her stress over something I cannot change. I know it's a good lesson - because there will always be things we cannot control - but that doesn't make it easier.

On My Mind: I'm trying to get back in the habit of baking bread and snacks from scratch. After all, if the goal here is raising our own meat (pork and chicken, at least) and growing our own vegetables ... eating store bought bread is kind of silly. So my second batch of bread for the week is cooling right now. I'm slowly increasing the amount of whole wheat flour in the recipe, to see how far I can go before people around here start to notice. Banana muffins are just about gone. Coconut-cranberry granola bars are also cooling. It's more work but it's worth it. Oh and speaking of more work .... changing doctors? Yeah, it's a pain. The mountain of paperwork I have to fill out in order to move 6 people to a new doctor's office is immense. I have to fill it all out just to get us on their calendar!

On My iPhone: Still searching Pandora for music I like. Who knew I was so picky? Good lyrics. Well placed and executed harmonies. Nothing too fast or loud. My answer so far has been hymns. I put on a hymn channel and let it play.

On My DVR: {Netflix for the summer} I've started watching Prison Break. Good crime dramas are right up my alley. We recently watched Food, Inc and have a couple more documentaries of a similar style in our list. I noticed that Call The Midwife is also on Netflix. Any opinions on that show?

On My List: Number One on my list is garden prep. When we built our house, we started with a very wooded lot. To get it clear enough to build was a lot of work. Now the work continues, as we want to expand the yard for a large garden. More trees to come down, more raking, more brush burning. Then I can start begging friends with heavy machinery to come over and level it out for us. Then we can build the raised beds and mix our soil/manure. Then I can transplant my little seedlings. Oh and did I mention that all needs to happen this month? It's going to be a long, exhausting, dirty month around here!


  1. Love Call the Midwife! My husband, not so much. :)

  2. I love call the midwife! It's ever well done from the perspective of how real to life the births are! And I think it's very funny in other parts! My husband even likes it too.

    1. I'll have to check it out! Thanks :)


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