A letter to that mom in Aldi,

I heard you keep your voice under control, even though they were asking for more snacks. I saw you stop the cart nicely, several times, for your happy little boy to jump on and off. On and off. I watched you patiently wait while your little man helped put groceries on the checkout belt, even though we all know you could have done it faster. I just watched, admiring your patience and noticing your tired eyes.

What I really wanted to do was get your attention and say "You're doing a great job. Being a mom is so, so very hard. You are doing a beautiful job with your two little men. I heard how you kept an even tone through the exhaustion and saw how you made your boys feel special. Believe me, I know how hard that is. You really are doing a wonderful job."

But, fellow mom in Aldi, I did not. I just walked to my truck and loaded my groceries. I even paused for a moment while you were putting your cart away, trying to gather up the nerve. But then I left. I'm sorry I wasn't brave enough to cheer you on.

The weird lady that kept watching you

If you're a mom that's sure no one notices all the right things you do, trust me. People notice. Especially the little people that follow you around. And maybe it would be a little easier to believe we were doing okay at being a mom if we just told one another 'you're doing great' once and awhile.

So, moms. You're doing great. People notice. Most importantly, the Lord notices your small sacrifices. He knows you're exhausted.  He has grace and mercy for your tired heart. Just ask Him to show you.


  1. So well said! Why is it so hard to go up and compliment someone?? All the small things, they are noticed...
    Awesome post!


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