Five Things Friday, v.8

On My Heart: I was thinking recently about a story someone told me. This person was at a festival that hosted a wet t-shirt contest. The crowd was so rowdy and the girls so drunk, it turned into a strip show. By the end of it, there were young women walking around the stage completely naked. The rowdy (I'm sure intoxicated) crowd went even more wild. It was probably 15 years ago that I heard about this. And it still breaks my heart. Because those girls? Those young women who were prancing around naked in front of a huge crowd, thinking they were so liberated and free? It wasn't a bunch of liberated feminists walking around, because YOLO or living it up or who cares, you're only young once. It was because they have a hole in their hearts and they don't know how to fill it. They're trying to fill it by buying the lie that they should just do whatever feels good. It breaks my heart. The girls doing the walk of shame, stumbling home to their dorms on Saturday mornings? They're not fighting against the sexual double standard that says guys that sleep around are studs, but girls are sluts. They are desperate for someone to love them. They all need to hear that they are loved by the God that created them. It makes me so sad when I think about how lost these young people are.

On My Mind: Animals. Processing three large pigs and how we are going to get them from their pen into a trailer. How many meat chickens should we get? When will our little happy chicks start laying eggs? Am I seriously done with another year of homeschooling? Year number 8 - check. IN-SANE. Are we really talking about high school plans already? We aren't even going to revisit the teenager thing. Because, honestly? I'm pretty sure Lael is taller than me already and she won't even be a teenager until next week. i'm not ready for this. 

On My iPhone: My name is Jackie and I'm addicted to 2048. Someone help me. I've also started using an app that maps my morning walks, showing me exactly how far and fast I'm going. I like having a number to beat. My Pandora playlist lately has been based on 'Landslide' by Stevie Nicks. It's what my hubby calls the '90's hippie' list. I love it. All kinds of awesome songs that I'd forgotten all about. I'm kinda hooked.

On My DVR: After a few lazy days and way too many late nights, I finished Prison Break. As much as I heard my family say "how many times can they break out?!" I will still defend it. I totally loved the whole show. Action and a government conspiracy - I was totally hooked. Since finishing it, I haven't been able to find another show I enjoy. We've also watched a few other conspiracy shows. I'm now ready to dig a trench in the back yard, bury a bus and live in it.

On My List: Number One would be prep and planning for a two day shopping trip we are taking for Lael's birthday. Then we are having a family party a couple of weeks after that. Our small group for moms is starting a summer session, being led by my pastor's wife. I'm so looking forward to it! Besides that, my list consists of the following: pool, beach, sit outside reading, sweep the floor after everyone goes to bed, beach, pool, read a magazine ....

I know. complicated, right?