summertime thoughts

#1 - Iced coffee just tastes better when it's hot out. I've started cold brewing my coffee and I love it. To make it even easier, I have a Clever coffee brewer. In the evening, I put a scant 1/4 cup of coffee grounds into the Clever with about 2 cups of cold water. {I buy my coffee here. You should try it.} If you do not have a Clever, you can just mix this happy little brew in a large Mason jar or pitcher. The coffee just sits and steeps all night. These ratios make a pretty strong cup of coffee, so you'll want to play around with your own numbers. In the morning, it's ready to be poured over some ice and thoroughly enjoyed. If you're using a Mason jar, strain using a coffee filter, cheese cloth or even paper towels in a pinch. I'd like to try cold brewing a gallon of coffee at a time. Because, hello. Summer afternoons require iced coffee as well. I'll let you know how it goes.

#2 - Summer = less clothes. With a soon-to-be teenage daughter, this is a big issue for me this year. I am so happy that we have finally reached some common ground on modesty standards. The idea of leaving mystery to your form resonates with me. It's not just about the skin being covered. If your covering is skin tight, what difference does it make? What are your thoughts on summer modesty? What are your favorite stores for finding modest clothes?

#3 - Falling asleep to the sounds of frogs, birds, wind through the trees and/or rain falling might be my favorite thing.

#4 - We live in the woods. So, I am completely and totally freaked out by ticks this year. Our outdoor cat had one a few weeks ago but that's been it. I feel like I must be missing something! My girls are always outside. Granted, they mostly play in the yard right around the house and not out in the woods but still, I'm waiting for the infestation. Just thinking about ticks makes the skin on my head crawl!

#5 - I'm trying to utilize my slow cooker more this summer. Now to remember to get the food in the slow cooker before mid-afternoon ....

still working on that.


  1. If you have great slow cooker ideas, please feel free to share. :) I do not enjoy cooking in the summer heat and the boys want to be outside as long as I'm on the hunt for healthier (non cream of something) type recipes so I can use the crockpot more often too. I have woods in the backyard here, so I too have been tick paranoid...I am always on Pete about mowing the lawn because in my head short grass means less

    1. I'm doing slow cooker baked beans today. They'll probably just get paired with burgers. But I'll send any good recipes I find your way!


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