A Glimpse into My Summer

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-- We now have a total of 37 chickens. 14 laying hens (that should start laying soon!)  and 23 Cornish Cross meat chickens. The difference in the two breeds is amazing. The meat chickens are insane. I'm sure if they didn't get their regular deliveries of food, they'd start to eat each other.  The laying hens are much more chilled out.  These little white chickens? Crazy.

-- Our pigs have been processed (that's the PC way of saying slaughtered, as I've learned) and we've retrieved the products of our hard work from the butcher. Getting 300+ pounds of super lean pork loaded into your freezer is a great way to erase the annoying memories of the giant, smelly pigs that occupied your back yard for 6 months. While we know we have to do some work on their pen before we get any more, there will definitely be more pigs in the future for us. Because bacon. Lots of really good bacon.

-- Last night, our church's Vacation Bible School started. It's amazing how much work it takes to entertain a bunch of kids for 2 1/2 hours! My two younger girls are attending, Alyssa is on the dance team (as well as enjoying her last year on a crew!) and Lael is a crew helper and a worship team member. We've been working for a couple of weeks on pulling together the worship and dance teams. They all did an amazing job last night! And I learned a valuable lesson. When leading a crew of 14 children, ages 4-6, and there is a giant balloon being floated around the room - make sure your whole crew gets to touch the balloon. If not, tears happen.

-- To end our summer, we will be spending some time with family and friends. My parents rented a house on a nearby lake for 10 days at the beginning of August. We're all looking forward to relaxing by the water and enjoying some down time with family and entertaining friends before school starts. Then at the end of the month, we will travel to Syracuse for a barbecue with Josh's family. Then? Routine hits hard, people. While we will start review mid-August, by September 1 we will be in full swing.

-- I have all of our school books and our IHIPs done. Soon, I'll be posting all our curriculum choices and linking up with the community at Home & School Mosaics. Things are getting serious around here with students in 8th, 6th, 2nd and preK. Crazy to think that in 5 years, we will be graduating our first student!