Five Things Friday: the early edition

A whole day early! Happy 4th of July! Enjoy your holiday weekend!

On My Heart: It was a very hot and cranky evening. Everyone was overtired and sweaty. Tempers were short and patience was thin. The girls were hungry but I did not feel like cooking. So I made a snap decision.... "Go have some ice cream for dinner."  Addie, our little village crier, instantly skipped into the house announcing the news. "We can have ice cream for dinner! Mom said!" Happiness abounded, baths were given and cooled-off children went to bed with happy bellies. I realized that two of the most powerful words in a child's vocabulary are "Mom said!" Those words we speak carry such power, whether for good or evil.

Mom said we can have ice cream!
Mom said we can watch a movie!
Mom said I'm so smart!
Mom said I'm beautiful!
Mom said I'm so strong!

We are framing the way the look at themselves and the world around them by the words that we speak. I want my words to give them a Christ-centered viewpoint. I need to remember that even when I'm cranky, those words I'm speaking are so very powerful.

On My Mind: Summer is flying by at record speed, it seems. I need to finish up our school planning so I can submit our IHIPs. There are just a few things left, thankfully. Before that, though, I'm going to pick up our newest batch of chickens - 25 Cornish Rock meat birds. Well, I hope to get them today. The hatchery doesn't count their chickens until they hatch. Ha!

On My iPhone: The Dixie Chicks and Alison Krauss. Jennifer Knapp and JJ Heller. I can't get enough of these ladies lately. I love Pandora, as I have two perfectly customized lists of my favorite songs. It takes me awhile to figure things out, so I've just started using the Notes and Reminders apps. And 2048? Yeah I'm still hooked. That game is crazy addicting.

On My DVR: White Collar! I love that it's a good crime drama with decent enough content that I can watch it with my older girls. There are members of my family that are counting down the return of our DirecTV subscription. I'm really not. I like NetFlix. The selection might be a little sparse at times, but the lack of commercials completely makes up for it. But we are down to our last few weeks of NetFlix. I will be sad to see it go.

On My List:  We will be enjoying our local Independence Day parade and having a barbecue with family this holiday weekend. I have to finish up the reading for the next meeting of our moms' small group. I have two more reviews of new books coming up. I have got to clean up our school shelves and sort through school supplies. It's a crazy mess in there.  What's on your list for the new few weeks? Anything exciting?