How to make a balloon cloud

I'm not a very craft-y person but I love throwing a good party. Our oldest daughter turned 13. I've written about her birthday shopping trip already, but we also had a party for family and close friends. Decorations were minimal - just balloons and streamers - but we wanted to make something extra special.

It started out as balloon garland. But as we put it up on the wall, it turned into a balloon cloud. Okay so my balloon cloud looks like Bob the Bear is going to eat it, but you get the idea. Here's how we did it:

First, blow up lots of balloons. Enlist help. You'll also need thread, a needle and some ribbon.

Second, thread the needle and gently push need through the little tail at the end of the balloon. I did two at a time.

Third, take the two balloons that are threaded and sew them into the ribbon.

 If you want a very full cloud, keep your stitches into the ribbon as close together as you can get them. It will get harder as the ribbon fills up. If you want more of a garland, spread it out.

Make sure you leave plenty of ribbon on each end for hanging. I think these would be really fun over a table at a birthday party or even a baby shower. They would hang nicely from the ceiling, but be sure you're securing into a stud. The balloons weigh more than you think once they're hanging.

Our ceilings are too high to hang from, so we just kept it on the wall. You can't really see the depth of it here but the balloon cloud stands out from the wall about two feet. I really liked how it turned out. Festive and different, without being expensive. The best part? The whole thing cost about $3!