{review} Nature Girl: a guide to caring for God's creation

{I received a copy of Nature Girl as a part of the Z Blog Squad in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and a good review was not guaranteed.}

Nature Girl: a guide to caring for God's creation by Karen Whiting and Rebecca White
Available from Zondervan for $7.99 or read a sample here.

About The Book:

Fun, activities based book for girls ages 9-12 on caring for our earth and the environment, helping girls appreciate God’s creations and understand our responsibilities in caring for what God has given us. Going green from a Christian perspective.


 Our Thoughts:

 I think it's easy for Christians to dismiss anything to do with being green as anti-God, rather than being honoring to God and His creation. There is a group of people that worships the creation itself, rather than the Creator. It's hard sometimes to make a distinction between the two. Nature Girl walks the thin line between teaching children to worship God, then what He created and worship creation, then the God that made it.

Nature Girl touches on every aspect of a young girl's life. Beauty, eating habits, animal care, recycling, gardening, energy and even how to throw a 'green' party. It's very thorough, even covering topics on 'green' jobs. There are recipes and crafts, for everything from a solar oven to 'green' body care products like lip gloss and body glitter.

 I think there are a lot of great tools in Nature Girl. The recipes are fun and the crafts look interesting. This is a great book for a young woman who is secure and strong in her Christian faith, but is interested in honoring God while learning more about the world around her. It is also a great reference type book to have on the shelf, for random questions that pop up. Like "Why is manure good for gardens?' ...

My hesitation comes from the content overall. I think the tone of the book would have been different had there been a chapter at the beginning, containing a short teaching on how God created the earth and asked us to care for it. But for an impressionable girl to read this book while still trying to nail down her belief in the Bible, I think it could get confusing. Are we going green or are we in the world but not of it? Are we people who love Jesus, that want to treat His Creation well or are we Earth BFFs? I definitely think there is a balance between the two and I think there is a place for honoring and respecting God's creation. I just wish Nature Girl would have had a bit more about God creating this world before they starting talking about how we are going to save it.