Get computer/blog work done vs. fold laundry vs. take the girls for a walk

Clean the kitchen vs. read the review books I have due vs. read to my girls

sweep the floors vs. research the final few pieces of curriculum we need vs. go swimming

This is what my summer has looked like.
Learning to balance my side jobs (mainly this blog) with keeping my home and animals with enjoying my children is keeping my on my toes and feeling a bit dizzy at time.

I've realized that even though I started doing reviews because hello, free books!, I keep doing them because I love sharing the things I've discovered with people. If I see you in person and you ask me what I've been up to, chances are you'll hear something about this thing I found for some great price. Or we will wind up talking curriculum and you will leave my house with at least one book to borrow. I like talking to people about stuff. So reviews are fun for me. I hope you find them helpful as well. I'm trying to balance reviews with writing about the things the Lord is showing me, homeschool thoughts and some random updates about our little hobby farm. It's work. I'm learning, slowly. If there is anything you've heard me mention once or wonder where I stand on something, ask away. I'd love to hear what you want me to write about.

Summer is flying by quickly and I can't say that I'll be sad to see it go. As much as it grates against every fiber of my slightly-hippie-being, we will be instituting a family schedule this fall. With my commitments apart from homeschooling being a bit more intense and having two middle schoolers, an elementary student and a preschooler, it's time to suck it up. The older girls are getting into some harder subjects and I need to keep things moving along at a more predictable pace. It's new territory for me and I can't say I'm looking forward to it. I like our free-flowing days a bit too much it seems. So if you have any pointers for me, share them please! We need dedicated time for several subjects as we have had to break some things into upper and lower grades, time for my computer work (preferably as quiet as possible) and a strict morning chore time because this mama cannot function when there are dirty dishes in the sink.

Are you ready for summer to end or are you clinging to every bit of warmth you can get?