{review} Get To Know Mary

{I received a copy of Get To Know Mary from Zondervan in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and a good review was not guaranteed.}

 Get To Know Mary by Nancy I. Sanders is available from Zondervan for $6.99

About the book:

Mary---part of the Get to Know series---is a biography written especially for 6-10 year olds looking for accurate, historical information about Biblical characters. With photographs of places, icons, statues, artwork, and other primary sources to enrich content, young readers are sure to find out everything they need to know about Mary and her place in history.

 My thoughts:

The Get To Know series by Nancy I. Sanders is an excellent tool for children to learn more about the lives of Bible characters.  The Mary edition is full of information about the life Mary led - from what her house might have looked like to how she purchased her groceries.

There are a few great features in this book that I think are very helpful for young readers. At the beginning of the book it lays out clearly the tools used through the book that help readers understand every term.

Throughout the book there are photos that give life to words or places we've all read about but probably have never seen. I really found this interesting as well!

I loved these photos of the money and what a manger really looked like. It's so interesting to read AND see what it was like to live in Mary's time.

At the end of the book, there is a two page timeline of Mary's life. It is just another great tool that gives the reader more of an understanding of who Mary was. After the timeline, there is a glossary as well as a bibliography and a list of source notes detailing what chapter of the Bible each story originated in.

If you like the format of this book, the Get To Know series also includes books on King David, the Apostle Paul and Jesus. Each book is full color, glossy pages filled with interesting information. They can all be found on the Zondervan website.