Three Ways I'm Getting Ready To Homeschool

I've got the review worksheets printed. The new schedule is written down - in erasable pen. A new chore chart is ready.

Review starts today at the Card Homeschool Academy.

My girls have already asked several times why we always start so early. It's simple really. First, I'm in charge and I wanna start. Simple enough. Second, I like doing a week of light review before opening the new books. And third, the earlier we start - the earlier we finish. They will thank me in June.

So how am I getting ready for another school year?
Three small decisions that will hopefully make all the difference.

1) I deleted my Facebook app on my phone. All the hoopla around the Messages app lead me to do some research. I realized I didn't want either  of the Facebook apps on my phone. I'm also shutting off every push notification I can. No more notifications = less dings and noises to distract. I can't mute my phone entirely due to some other responsibilities but I'm hoping this will cut down on my nonsense time.

2) I'm committing to setting an alarm. I'm not looking forward to this. At all. On an average morning, I'm not much of a sleep-in kinda person. But I knew with the class load we have this year it was definitely time to add more routine to my morning. I added time for my walk every morning as well as time to read. I have a few different plates to keep spinning apart from homeschooling. So not only did I add my morning block of time, but I added in a block each afternoon. Eventually, I'd like for this to become uninterrupted (apart from emergency) time for me to work.

3) I delegated a few more chores. Sometimes I feel terrible for making my girls work around the house. But then reality sets in, I look at the chore chart and realize that they each only have at most four chores a day. They'll live. Apart from that, it's great life training. They need to know how to run a home. There's no better time than now to teach them.

With that, we are off into another year of school. It's our last year without a high school student. what?! Did I just say that?!

How do you get ready for school?


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