Five Things Friday: the update edition

On My Heart: *prayer. Just remembering how easy it is to silently pray for situations, friends, loved ones, direction, our nation, our church leaders throughout the day. Remembering that it doesn't have to be beautiful and drawn out, it just has to come from a heart that is earnestly calling out to Him. *slippery slopes. Watching how one poor decision leads to so many more. Wanting to shake my girls and remind them that every decision matters, every choice, every reaction can be one that either glorifies God or destroys something. *thankfulness. God provides. You can look at it and say 'what a coincidence!' and that's your choice but I know. The little things that just happen are His way of reminding us that He's present in our lives.

On My Mind: *organization. For the longest time, I did not want an organized to the hour kind of homeschool day. But with some changes afoot and new responsibilities coming, it is necessary. And I'm loving it. *chickens. Tomorrow is chicken processing day! This may seem disgusting to some of you but I love knowing that from hours after they hatched to their last moment, these chickens have been in our care. And now they'll fill our freezer for winter. *changes. Some changes are coming to this little blog soon. Things I've wanted to do for a long time and realized that if I don't do them now, they're never going to happen. I'm really excited to share it all with you soon.

On My iPhone: Podcasts! Part of my new schedule is time for a morning walk, 4-5 days a week. During that time, I usually listen to podcasts. As much as I want to really sharpen my mind and spirit with excellent preaching during that time, my brain is not always on board with that much information so early in the morning. So I've been listening to The Chicken Thistle Farm CoopCast, A Happy Home Podcast, Homeschooling IRL, the HEDUA podcasts and will be trying out the Real Life at Home and Inspired to Action podcasts.

On My DVR: Fixer Upper. That is all. If you don't have cable, watch episodes on her blog. You must. Today.

On My List: First would be finishing up the preparations for chicken day and a visit from my parents to give my October babies their birthday gifts a bit early, finishing up the work on blog changes I'm making, writing some reviews, menu planning for next week (do you menu plan? love it? hate it?), taking two girls for fillings - fun times. One thing that's not on my list - switching over to fall/winter clothes. We finished that after 8+ hours of work yesterday. Dressers and closets switched, rooms straightened, bins returned to the attic. Painful, exhausting and emotional with four daughters -- but done!


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