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Maybe you're reading this and you aren't feeling particularly weary today. Maybe you were going to skip right over this post. That's fine. These words aren't for everyone. But maybe you remember that weary, defeated feeling very clearly. Maybe you still see the shadows of the short-tempered weariness that dragged you down in the past. Maybe you're just starting to realize its okay to admit you're not perfect.

I too can still see weariness in the shadows. The strain of moving four times in less than three years - even though they weren't long, cross country moves they were exhausting. The stress of building a house while homeschooling. Having a baby who decided to make a dramatic entrance into the world.

Things are beautiful in our lives right now. We live in a home and location that we have dreamed of. We spend weekends outside, sculpting our land into what we want it to be. Our home has already hosted large gatherings of friends, as we hoped when designing it.

But the draw to let the weariness overtake me is still there, in the shadows.
Our closets are numerous and large but very disorganized. Trying to find things is difficult at best and anger-provoking at its worst. I almost didn't go to church in Easter Sunday because we couldn't find Addie's shoes. Yes, really. I hate disorganization. It distracts and derails any efforts I make towards peace, calm, joy.

So we're going to try today. Try to organize closets. Try to turn my closet into a functioning space rather than a storage area. I'm nervous, honestly. Nervous that it will just spiral down into a mess of fights, tears and frustrations.

So maybe for you it isn't closets. Maybe it's just making breakfast or getting your kids ready for school. Can I share with you a little bit of brilliance that the Holy Spirit reminded me this morning?

Do the next thing.

Just do the next thing.
Read your Bible. (Even just a chapter!)
Pour the juice.
Make the toast.
Change the baby.
Organize one box.
Say nice things.

Just pick the next thing and do that. Don't weary yourself with thinking about all the things you need to get to today. One thing at a time. One moment at a time, to look to Him for peace, grace and mercy.

You can do this, mom.


  1. I read somewhere that moving is one of the top 10 stress inducing events in our lives. So yes, weary does come when we move! I know this and have lived it. Praying for you!

    Love the "Do the next thing" I sometimes get so weary in my mind before I do something..sometimes the doing is just what I need!

    Blessings! Thanks for linking up!

  2. one of my closest friends always reminds us, do the next thing - that HE will give us the strength for that!

    good reminder, thanks!


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